When submitting resumes online by MRL Trinidad

Today we would like to share some advice about online submissions. Some of the issues outlined would have been experiences we’ve had.

Job sites and emails
With easy access to internet and technology, most jobs are sought online with many resume submissions being sent to popular job websites or company email. Usually these job sites would have fields requesting information such as name, contact, address, email and so on.

The inclusion of these fields does not mean to omit this information from the actual resume. We’ve actually come across some people who said they left out that information because they already put it on the site.

This makes contacting applicants who have been shortlisted for jobs difficult. It leaves the recruiter the unpleasant duty of trying to sort through possibly hundreds of documents to find out who the resume belongs to. More often than not, they won’t go through the trouble of looking and move on to the next applicant.

Make sure your resume is tailored to the job you are applying for or risk that it would not be entertained.

Make sure to properly read the job description for salary details and working days/hours to determine if you are truly interested in the job.

When attaching the resume to a job site or via email, do not attach as a document on Drive or Cloud. Most often, special permissions and passwords are needed to access the files.

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