Respect in the workplace and conflict prevention by MRL Trinidad

It is important to treat the people you work with and for with respect. Creating a healthy environment conducive to productivity depends on human interaction.

Take care in the way you address someone and to whom you are addressing. The tone of your voice can determine how a person reacts to a question, statement or command.

Consider your emotional state and if your tone, connotation, inflections or phrasing can be misconstrued in a negative light.

Do not overstep on authority. Adhere to the proper chain of command.

Listen before reacting to any given situation and don’t jump hastily to conclusions.

Do not fight fire with fire. If someone addresses you in an aggressive manner, do not try to be more aggressive than they are. Instead, ask them in a calm and polite manner to please re-evaluate their tone.

If disciplinary actions need to be carried out or addressed, ask for the matter to be dealt with in privacy away from prying eyes. This will eliminate any form of belittlement or embarrassment.

Value the opinions and ideas of others even if they differ from your own. Agree to disagree.

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