How aware are you?

When was the last time you looked at international and local news or read the newspaper? Some of us may be severely guilty of ignoring the things happening around us both internationally and domestically, maybe because we think that it bears no great significance to us personally. This way of thinking can be disastrous to our present and future investments, employers and employees alike.

Think about it this way. We belong to a global market economy. If a natural disaster happens in another part of the world, why should we care?

Maybe that particular country was responsible for exporting a certain food crop such as wheat to Trinidad and Tobago. How will our flour mills stay in production? Can you imagine the significant change to our lifestyle? This is just one crude example.

We have already seen what the drop in oil and gas prices have done the global economy. As an employer, how can you safeguard your company if you were not aware of potentially hazardous events? As an employee, how can you safeguard your livelihood in the event of a vastly shifting economy?

They say that knowledge is key so let’s make an effort to learn more. Study the trends, follow up on political and social events. This knowledge can benefit you later.

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