Dealing with Rejection by MRL Trinidad

The job seeker:
You may be aware of the disheartening feeling of not being called after you submit an application or of attending an interview but not being accepted for the position. Multiple occurrences of this can put a damper on your outlook. It is a natural human reaction to become melancholic while standing in the face of rejection.

Our advice? Don’t dwell on the negative. Think of each set back as an opportunity to grow. If you’d like, get in touch with the interviewer and inquire the reasons why you weren’t selected, in a respectful manner. Remember sometimes the truth offends so do not get upset if the answers are unflattering. Use these negatives as constructive criticism and improve on them.

Keep a positive mindset.

The employee:
Rejection does not cease to exist at the interview stage. Employees can also be overwhelmed by a sense of rejection. Whether it be because you were denied a promotion or feel like an outcast amongst your coworkers, rejection can be felt with the most minor things, in the most inconspicuous ways.

Be mindful that some people are more sensitive than others. Some people may not be able to handle certain degrees of criticism. If this is the case for you, learn to firstly, recognize this and secondly, actively change your reaction to situations. This may be difficult at first but practice becomes a habit.

Our advice? Focus on positive things. Read books or watch videos to improve self-esteem and develop a positive outlook on things. Use negativity for self-improvement and turn personal flaws into strengths. Interact with people and try to gauge the words, attitudes or situations which trigger your sense of rejection.

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