Are you an OCB Employee?

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Going Above and Beyond in your Workplace

Have you ever assisted your boss on a project even though you weren’t tasked with the responsibility? Or maybe you helped a new coworker get oriented without anyone asking you to do it. If you’ve ever done something like this, then you are an example of an employee who displays organizational citizenship behaviors or OCBs and you are a valuable asset to your company.

OCB is when one participates in activities or actions that are not formally a part of the job description, but that benefit the organization as a whole (Borman, 2004). These activities can range from volunteering for extra work to picking up trash that has been left on the floor.

When we think about employees going above and beyond we should not only view in relation to how it benefits the company because there are many positives that the employee can gain from engaging in this kind of behavior. Some benefits that employees can gain include;

  • A greater sense of autonomy in the workplace: When an employee is given the opportunity to make good decisions on their own it creates a sense of ownership and autonomy. When one is given the freedom to engage in OCB this can lead to higher levels of efficiency when conducting tasks.
  •  Increased levels of cohesion between employees: OCB can lead to an increase in workplace cohesion as employees help and support one another. This in turn can lead to an increased sense of togetherness which creates a more conducive environment for good work and productive operations
  • Greater sense of meaningfulness: Engaging in OCB can lead employees to have a greater sense of meaning in their jobs. OCB gives employees the idea that their work matters to the company and their extra effort adds value to the organization.
  • Greater recognition by the company: When an employee chooses to engage in OCB they normally catch the attention of superiors who single them out for greater attention and promotion. By demonstrating their commitment to go the extra mile employees show others that they are capable and able to bear more responsibility if necessary.

OCB is a simple human resource outcome that can have wide reaching effects on both the company and the people working in it. Not only should originations strive to create an environment where OCB is encouraged but employees should try their best to put in that extra effort that can lead to a better working experience.


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